Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Doctor Checkups

Yesterday I brought Sydney in for her 3 year checkup, and Regan in for her weight check. Great news on both of them. Sydney is doing great, loved all the "games" she was able to play so they could see if she is doing everything as a healthy 3-yr. should do. She giggled the whole time that Dr. John was listening to and checking her. He was even laughing. And this is all after I practically had to drag her in because she said she was SOOO scared of the doctor. Pretty funny... Sydney is 50% for both weight and height.

And Miss Regan finally has gained some weight. She gained nearly 2 lbs during the four weeks since her last appointment. Phew!! She had us all a little concerned. And I got to thinking, the week before her 6-month check she had a high fever for 2 days while we were in Florida. So maybe she lost some weight then, making it seem like she wasn't growing. It appears she is just small. We'll see how things shape up at her 9-month well check. Regan was 25% for height and 1% for weight. Dr. John thinks her weight will go up, but that she'll probably be on the lower end on the "percentile" scale.

Sydney and Regan love giggling at each other! They do it in the car and pretty much everywhere else when they can look at each other :)

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