Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cheese Balls Anyone?

The other day I was nursing Regan in her room. Some days that can be a daring thing...because that means that the other two could be doing who knows what elsewhere in the house. (per Dr. John's recommendation; feed Regan with minimal distractions...ha!) So, I try. Anyway, I finished feeding Regan just in time for Jacob to tell me that he had made lunch for everyone. Slight concern ran through my head for what diaster I might find in the kitchen. I was pleasantly surprised.... He had created a Cheeseball "bowl". He even garnished it with some fine crackers! His Nana brought over a ginormous container of cheeseballs over to Sydney's birthday party. Atleast they are being used/eaten. Jake was quite proud that he had made me my lunch. He even selected his favorite green frog bowl for me. So sweet....I didn't have the heart to tell him I wasn't going to eat it.

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Anonymous said... know how I love that little Jacob, and with that story my heart just filled with more! What an absolute doll...thinking of you and taking the time to create such a masterpiece!