Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Bug

Well, we are sick around here again. It started with Jake, Wednesday morning he woke up not feeling well and had a fever. He seemed better by Thursday morning, but Sydney came in our room Thursday morning at 3am with a fever. By Saturday both kids were clear...of so I thought. By late Saturday afternoon, Sydney was registering a fever again. Today has been more fever for Sydney. Jake has been fine since Thursday. I think I'll bring her in the morning if the fever is still here.
Jake missed school on Wednesday, we've missed my mom's spa group on Thursday, Friday Sydney missed her first day of music class, and today they missed their cousin Ava's first birthday party....oh well, that is the way it goes :)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Regan's 9 Month Well-Check

This week we had Regan's 9 month well check, two weeks early. Her appointment went well. She has gained more weight since her weight check at 7 months. She moved from the 1% to the 5% for weight. My pediatrician said that gain was a very good sign, and now she is progressing on a normal/expected curve. He thought by her 12 month check she would be more "average".

Regan started sitting up about two weeks ago. I still stay near or put something behind her, because she can still tip over :) We borrowed a jumper from my brother-in-law, and Regan has absolutely been loving it!!! You can see the joy on her face below:

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What is Easter all about...

I spend two Mondays a month at MOPS (mothers of preschoolers). This is my second year, and I've really enjoyed being a part of this group. Each group has a "mentor", a mom that has grown kids, and has been through the early years that I am in right now. So, they are wise and are a great resource. Anyway, two weeks before Easter each mentor had prepared a set of "Resurrection Eggs" for each of us, including the scripture that went with each of the 12 eggs. I was excited to share them with Jake and Sydney.

On Easter I let the kids take turns opening each egg, and finding the object inside. I then read the scripture that went with each object. (Rope, thorny crown, nail, scarlet robe, etc) They were right with me, understanding and feeling sad for what Jesus went through for us.
I thought this was a great way to help them understand what Easter is all about. I confidently as them when were done, "What are we celebrating at Easter." Sydney replied with much enthusiasm, "Jelly Beans!!!"

We'll try again next year...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lifetime Perks

Lifetime Fitness just sent out their "new" membership cards...I went to their site to see what the differences were in the membership levels. I started looking at the partner program and learned that I am able to get the following discounts: ( I am posting for my reference and anyone else that belongs to LTF)
  • 2 for 1 at the Children's museum
  • 20% off dry cleaning at St. Croix Cleaners
  • 20% off food items at Champps
  • $10 off a $30 purchase at Buca
  • Underwater Adventures @ MOA kids 3-12 free admission

There are lots more, these are just the ones I'll use. If you are a member, you can check them all at

I'm excited to save some $.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Snowy Wonderland

The snow was just beautiful this morning, crazy it was nearly gone when it got dark out today. I was going to snap a picture to share with those that aren't in MN...just didn't get that far. It was a winter wonderland.

Sydney and Regan are just little buddies...Sydney just adores her little sister. It is really sweet.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Struck Down & Baby Food

Our household has remained fairly healthy this winter until last Friday. The stomach FLU has hit. We've all taken a turn with a "24 hour" type variety, minus the fever. Dave has avoided thus far, thankfully. Mine started late last night, and I'm feeling somewhat better, but not 100%. We'll forgo the moms group we meet with on Thursdays, just in case we have any lingering germs.

Oh, and on the topic of baby food....Regan wouldn't eat the sweet potatoes I made after that initial night. I think I'll get a food mill to make sure it is extra pureed. I think the texture was just a little too course. Over the past month of so I've been shopping around for the best prices on Earth's Best Organic Baby Food, this is what I've found:
SuperTarget $.64
BabiesRUs $.79
Fresh & Natural $1.09
County Market $1.27
And this is for the exact same jar of "2nd Sweet Potatoes"
I guess is pays to shop around.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

8 Months

Saturday Regan turned 8 months old. She started waving last week. I think she is saying "all done" and "hi". It is funny that one of her first words is all done, when Jacob's first word was "more"!! Regan is talking up a storm and is full of giggles and smiles. She is definitely gaining weight and growing in length. I am so thankful that I took her to the cranial sacral specialist to help with her head shape. The therapy I've been doing with her each day has made an IMMENSE difference. She is moving so much better, and her head is now rounding in the back. I only wish I had listened sooner to the advice of my friend Brenda. (who encouraged me to see the specialist when Regan was just a few weeks old) Better late than never....Regan is almost sitting by herself now. I am enjoying her so much. She is such a happy and sweet little girl.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Baby Food Success

I've been wanting to try to make some baby food. Someone I know really inspired me, and encouraged me saying it was so easy. When Jacob was born I thought making food out of fresh and natural food had to be more healthy than jarred food that had been sitting on the shelf longer than he'd been in this world. (jarred foods are definitely necessary and convenient, don't me wrong) But I could never seem to make the time, or expel the energy to try to make baby food. When Sydney came along, well...same excuses. But no more.

I successfully made homemade baby food for Regan with the assistance of her 4yr. brother!!
No, really, we did make our first batch of sweet potatoes. I couldn't believe how easy it was. I am kind of embarrassed that it took me so long to try...three kids later. And it probably took me all of 5 minutes! Whatever. I did it, and will make a lot more fresh. Way better and much cheaper I'm sure....

The friend that inspired me told me about a great book on the topic of baby food, that I highly recommend. Called Naturally Delicious Meals for Baby

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mixed Feelings

Dave is going in for a little "procedure" tomorrow. And I have very mixed feelings about the whole thing. We have been so blessed with three happy and healthy children that came without much effort. We are content with three kids, it is perfect. But for some reason I have struggling with the finality of it all. Why am I having a hard time.... I don't know...
He is so excited! And well, me, I guess I am kind of sad. Don't me wrong, I don't need or want to have any more kiddos, three is plenty. But it still makes me sad for some reason.

I am sure I'll get over it.....I just LOVE babies.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Boring Hair

I learned a few months back from my color guy that with each pregnancy your "natural" color gets darker. I have no idea if this is a proven and actual fact, but I believe it. My roots have never looked darker than they do now. When I went to see him in December, he actually foiled my hair TWICE because it wasn't "lightening" up as usual. (and it still didn't get to the shade of blonde I prefer)

Anyways, I need my hair done badly....and I am thinking of trying out a new style. My hair has looked the exact same for WAY too long.

So, as I ponder this hair change, please email me pictures if you see a cute "do" that screams my name.