Tuesday, February 26, 2008

First Night Away...

Last week Dave and I were able to get out together 3 times!!! That is a record. We had a blast together, it was so nice to get some quality time together.
Monday night we went to the Best of the Best in Mpls. It is big event hosted by Mpls St.Paul Magazine. We sampled great food and wine. We ran into some friends there. The event was a lot of fun, but a little crowded. We stayed overnight at Graves 601. (thanks to my sister Amy who came and stayed with all the kids) My poor sister. Regan always sleeps great, but she must have know I wasn't there because she was up a lot of the night....Sorry Amy!!!

Friday night we went to the Wine Makers Dinner at Solera. It was wonderful. 9 wines were paired with 5 courses...yum! Each course was made by one of the 4 popular twin cities chefs. We were able to hear directly from some of the wine makers that spoke at the event. We stopped at Spill the Wine on the way home for a quick dessert.

We were so thankful to get some time together and be out having fun!


Undomestic said...

How was Spill the Wine. I've considered going there.

Shannon said...

I like it there. We've been there twice now. There is a butternut pasta dish that is awesome!! Yum.