Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Really??? A Kidney Stone....

Dave ended up in the ER on Sunday night with a kidney stone. Crazy!! Today is Wednesday, and the poor guy hasn't passed it yet.

All I can say is loopy :)

In the ER we asked if he was kinda young to get a kidney stone...(like we thought) The ER doc kinda laughed and said no, he starts seeing them in patients at age 16, and all the way up. The doc said they see a lot of them in the ER. Because they are SOOO painful.

Hopefully, it won't be too much longer....

Happy Valentine's Day

The kids and I made cookies, and frosted & sprinkled them :)

They were delious!

Friday, February 13, 2009


Recently I've been peeking at many different blogs, and blogging "styles". It is very interesting to all the differing ways people use blogs, format them, and how they write on them.
I may be changing my style, maybe not....I will have to see.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Our Visiting Friends

A girlfriend of mine asked if two of her kids could come and spend some time at our house while she took care of some things out of town. We were thrilled to have Levi and Mitchell with us for two "sleepovers" The kids completely entertained each other...lots of giggling all throughout the time. Levi and Mitchell were both great! Very well mannered, listened well, and of course were lots of fun to have around. Levi looked at me at lunch today and said, "I really like being able to stay here all day and play!"

I quickly realized while trying to take a picture of all 5 of them, that is was kind of rediculous to think it would look anywhere near normal. But this one is a perfect representation of all the fun that was had by all :)
Hockey was a big hit with Levi and Jacob. They got really into it. Jacob insisted that they wear his helmets for safety. Pretty cute!
Regan ran her fastest to try to get into the picture, but she didn't quite make it in time, so this is her courtesy shot! She is such a ham, always loves to have her picture taken!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Sydney!!

You are 4 today!You have such a kindness and gentleness about you, but you can wrestle around with the boys any day. You are social at school, and knew all 20 kids in your class with 3 days! You are confident at school and have no idea you are the youngest in your class, and your classmates don't seem to notice either. You are always watching out for your baby sister Regan and are the first to coming running to her aid. You and Jacob are the best of friends and are together all the time. You are my little snuggle bug, and often ask if we can cuddle for a little while. (Silky and Blankie Bear are both present as well) You love to dress up in princess dresses and feel pretty. We've recently witnessed you peering at yourself in the mirror when you think no one is watching...kinda a funny kinda scary :) You are a wonderful girl inside and out, and you bring so much joy to everyone around you!!! You are such a blessing!

Happy 4th Birthday my sweetie.... Love, Mom

Making smoothies in your new smoothie maker :)