Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Fun and Memories

We had a great Christmas. The kids really had fun this year. I love this picture of Regan! She is just such a little munchkin!! It was amazing how easily they went to bed on Christmas Eve. Santa brought Jacob a "Guitar, with Real Strings" Which he has been playing a lot. His Uncle Dan told him that when he gets really good, he can write on it....Not sure about that one, but that is what Jake keeps telling me. So far, I've been able to keep the markers, pens, and crayons away from it...Because of course he thinks that he is "really good" now. Santa brought Sydney a "Princess Chair" and dress. The dress she immediately put on and wore most of the day. Jake went and got himself a chair so he would site next to the "princess". Hopefully all of this princess stuff doesn't go to her head! She is having fun dressing up though. Her Nana got her a few disney character dresses that she has had fun wearing also.
Jake also got the Smart Cycle. (It hooks up to the TV, and you have to ride to make the game work) Which him and Sydney have been taking turns riding. I need to get to ToysRUs to get a few games for it though. The free one isn't too great.

Until today, I had left all of the new toys spralled all over the house. Mostly because I have no idea where to put them all, and because the kids have been playing with them. Tonight I started trying to put some way.
We really enjoyed seeing all our family! So much fun. My dad was also in town from Florida. He came over last night to visit, it was nice to chat after the kids went to bed. I wish we were able to see him more.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Traditions

I want to start some this year. So, I asked Jake what traditions he would like to do on Christmas. This is what he had to say:
1. Celebrate Jesus's Birthday
2. Bring Family Presents
3. Sing Songs
4. Go on Santa's Sleigh

I thought that was pretty good for a 4 year old!

Saturday, December 22, 2007


It has always been one of my greatest fears in life. I think mostly because it took my mom at the young age of 39, leaving my dad to raise 4 little girls. I was only 8 years old, 3 when she was diagnosed. In some ways that seems like a really long time ago, and in other ways not so long.
Recently two friends that are my age have been diagnosed with cancer. It just seems crazy. Both of their prognosis are very good, thankfully.
For the past decade I have been very into health and nutrition. More recently I've been very interested in "eastern" medicine and more holistic type treatments. I personally have found some to be very effective.
I started reading a book tonight called "Avoiding Cancer One Day at a Time" that so far has been very good and informative on things all of us can do to protect our bodies from harmful toxins and other things from assaulting our health and life, that can produce cancer. Cancer is ruthless. I want to educate myself and those close to me of the things that people can do proactively to reduce the probability. This book has been very interesting so far, I'll probably post tidbits as I read along.

Avoiding Cancer One Day At A Time: Practical Advice For Preventing Cancer (Paperback)by Lynne Eldridge (Author), David Borgeson (Author)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Presents in the Mail

I absolutely LOVE getting the mail in December. It is like receiving little gifts. Opening Christmas cards, and seeing updated pictures, and stories of friends and family during the past year is so great! I was a little lazy this year, and didn't write anything along with my card.....but I thought about it. Next year, right!!

I haven't wrapped a thing yet....ugh! But all of my shopping is done. I know what I'll be doing the next few nights after this kids go to bed.

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Excitement of Santa

Well, we went to visit Santa in Afton this past weekend. There were no fears or tears this year. Sydney was SOO excited, she was jumping up and down and just couldn't get enough of him.
Jacob asked for a "guitar, with "real" strings."
Sydney asked for a "skirt. a pink one."

So Sweet!!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Gray Hair

Yah! Lots of them. I am not sure when this happened, but suddenly I have a lot of little gray hairs lurking under my top layer of hair on my head. Maybe its all whining that I've be living through lately.

**Note to self...schedule highlight ASAP!!

I've never forget the day I spotted my first gray hair, at the young age of 26. I was working at Target downtown Mpls, and I was washing my hands in the Ladies Room. I looked up, under the florescent lights, and their IT was...I promptly yanked it out.

Oh Well....

Monday, December 3, 2007

Big Weekend

Well, it was a busy weekend around here!! Usual Sat. workout class, it was great...lunges, YES! Mild soreness began Sunday evening. Right when we got home, Jake and the coffee table had a major collison. Lots of blood and crying. We sure if we should take him in for stitches, so we just put a band-aid on it. Right above his right eye, close call.

My niece Bella had her 1st birthday party on Sat. afternoon. The kids all had a blast, I think there were 11 or 12 under the age of 4. It was a fairy theme, so all the kids had fairy wings and skirts to prance around in. It was pretty cute.

During the party several people encouraged us to bring Jacob in to the ER to had his wound checked out. So, at 9pm during the 1st snowstorm of the season, Jake and I were headed to the ER. Long story short, he needed stitches or glue. I picked the glue. He was very brave!

On Sunday, Dave took Jacob skating for the first time. Jacob was so excited to wear his skates and "play hockey". Well, he certainly wasn't playing hockey...but he was wearing skates on the ice. Let's first get moving on the ice with skates mastered!! Dave focused on form and had Jacob skating behind a chair pretty well before it was time to head home. Jacob was VERY pleased with himself. It was fun to watch. There were a lot of other little kids were super fast skaters, I wonder when they started skating, because they all looked so small to me.

Regan is 5 months this week. My little peanut! Here is a pic from Thanksgiving.