Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Heaven has a New Angel

My friend Cari, the one who has been battling an agressive form of breast cancer for the past two years passed away yesterday. We met a few years back at church and spent three years in a small group bible study. I feel so blessed to have had her in my life. She was a wonderful, generous, courageous, and witty girl. A wonderful mom and great friend. Cari always wanted to make sure people felt special and celebrated. Always sharing her faith, and always seeking to grow and deepen in her faith. She was very transparent about life in general, which I truly appreciate about people. You can witness this by reading her blog The picture above was taken last fall.
I learned so much from Cari before and during her battle with Cancer; it began in August of 2007. Having lost my own mom to Cancer when I was 8, I felt blessed by being able to support and pray for Cari during her journey. Being Cari's friend during her battle with Cancer helped me better understand what my mom went through during her 5-year Cancer fight. The tears flow readily today; each time I think of Cari....and the kids...and Melvin...and her parents...and all the lives she touched. I am going to miss her kind soul.

My heart just breaks for Melvin, and the kids. I know all too well that their journey will continue for many years to come. I pray that they can find comfort and peace knowing that now Cari is free from pain and with our loving Savior. I know she will watch over them. Continuing to pray for the Ashford/Spitz families in the days, months, and years to come. Please pray for Melvin and Cameron, Max, and Ella...oh, my heart just aches for them.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

First Days of School for Jacob and Sydney

The bus arriving after the 1st day of school. The bus stop has LOTS of kids at it each day!

Regan was so excited that Jacob was home from school!

Sydney feeding the baby calf, Tie-Dye. She was very glad to be back on the Farm at Preschool.
Sydney's first full morning of preschool. Regan wanted to stay with her. Next year she'll be old enough :) Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 10, 2009


This kind of sums up my night tonight....
I overhear Jake muttering to himself, "Having parents sucks!" (while sitting in a time-out)
Nice! He is 6. Awesome!
No idea where he learned the word "sucks". Not from me...I really don't like that word, it is gross.
Jake and I had a nice long talk about respect, and who is the parent, who is in charge, etc....
Tomorrow is a new day!

One a different note, school is going great for Jake. He really likes his new school and class. He has a wonderful teacher. Personally, I think anyone who can teach 20 kindergartners at a time is a saint! Sydney has her first day of preschool tomorrow. She is SO excited!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jacob's First Day!

Jacob is off to his first day of full day, five day a week kindergarten! He is excited and I think a little nervous. He'll make lots of new friends! We missed the bus though. It came early, about 5 minutes. I've never heard of a bus being early, especially on the first day. Normally they run a little behind on the first day. Oh well, the school is close to our house. So we all jumped in the car. It was cute, when he opened the car door and jumped out about 3 kids said "Hey Jacob"! They were all excited to see him, and off he went! My little buddy. Kind of a bittersweet day...

Family Camp

We decided to spend a weekend up at camp for Family Camp over Labor Day. I've haven't been there since my parents brought me when I was little. We had an absolute blast! Dave and I went on the high ropes course, 45 feet up in the air...LOVED it! Went on a trail ride on the horses, kids all won awards in the little guppy fishing contest, and lots of other fun stuff! I am so glad we went!

Hanging out in the dog house. There used to be a camp puppy each summer; now the dog house is just used to kids to play in.

Jake and Dave went on the traditionally "Mud Walk". This has been a Warren tradition for decades! The boys "Borped" every morning at the crack of dawn. Too cold for me...they are now members of the polar bear club!

The State Fair

I have to go once each much fun!

Jacob goes to Camp Warren

Jake was so excited to go to Camp Warren for the first time! He told me, "Mom, I really want to go on my own vacation with other kids for a week. Really, I've always wanted to go on vacation." I am guessing he overheard me in my conversations while I was trying to decide if I should send him this summer or wait until next summer. I wasn't concerned whether or not he'd be homesick; because I knew he wouldn't be. I didn't plan on seeing anything I sent with him again. When we arrived at the bus, we was ready to get on. Had I not stopped to him and asked for a hug, I don't think I would have gotten one. He was so excited!!!! I knew he'd have an absolute blast; I spent 9 summers when I was a kid at this very same camp. And now one of the girls I used to go to camp with is the director. She assured me he was I let him go for a week, in good hands!

He came home with a big hug for me; and had all kinds of stories to tell. I later learned from some staff that he was the YOUNGEST camper all summer. He was a staff favorite, and many of the older campers took him under their wings. He has such a fun and easy going personality! Yah Jake! You did it!!!

Beach & Boating Time

This is what summer is all about! Fun in the Sun with friends and family!

Introducing Lucky!

Our new kitten. Lucky is a kitty from Children's Farm. I surprised the kids with a visit to the Farm, and shared with them that one would be coming home with us. They were all THRILLED to say the least...

August Fun

Jake cooling off...Regan wanting a turn :)LumberJack Days Tot Race finishers...
Jacob's fishing trip with Grandpa Doug; the fish weren't biting...(notice the helmet my Dad wore for his protection...)

Cabin Time!