Thursday, April 30, 2009


Regan seriously LOVES and gently cares for all of her baby dolls. Pushes them around in her baby stroller, puts them to nap all around the house (always with a comfy blanket covering them up to their chins), I've end gotten a glimpse of her gently patting their tummies. I was cleaning the kitchen the other morning, and looked over and this is how she was laying on the floor near the fridge. She prepared a blanket for herself to lay on, then laid herself down, cuddled the doll to her chest, and covered up the doll with a blanket, actually 2 I think. Just adorable. I had to shoot a quick picture....

And she popped herself in the baby doll stroller! I was surprised to see her like this, not quite sure how she manuvered herself in there, because it is teeny...kinda surprising this is the first time she thought of it though considering she plays with this stroller a billion times a day!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Veggie Burgers....

Tonights Dinner: Veggie burger (no bun) cut in triangles, sweet potato fries, kiwi & bananas.

Nobody was touching the Veggie burger...big surprise. About a year ago they all loved veggie burgers, I couldn't make enough of them. Lately, not so much. It has been a while since I've made them because obviously nobody would eat them. So, this is what I said....

Me: You guys know those aren't "beef" burgers, right?
Jake: They aren't??.....oh cool.
Sydney: Really? Are they veggie burgers?
Me: Yup, there is lots of yummy stuff in them.
Jake: Like onions, tomatos...
Sydney: Yummy.
They all proceeded to eat them. Jake's were gone in less than 60 seconds, I think.
Sydney: Thanks for buying these, Mom!!

Whatever....atleast they ate them. I just don't understand how kids decide to eat or not eat something at any given moment.

Fun at the Park

Finally, some great weather....everyone had fun at the park!! Jake took Regan done this huge tunnel slide, it was probably 30 feet long. She we'll probably wait awhile to try that again.Lately when Regan doesn't have her nuk, I've been catching her like this. I don't want her to be a finger sucker too...seems like such a hard habit to break! Regan looks just like Sydney did at this age.

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Biggest Shooter...

Jacob: I think I'm going to be a police officer or a soldier when I grow up. Whichever you get a bigger shooter..
Me: just listening.
Jacob: Actually, probably a police officer because I don't want to die. A lot of soldiers get killed.

I wasn't too sure how to respond to that one. We have never talked about soldiers. I led the conversation to what police officers do to protect people and why they have guns, etc.
Jake has been full of all kinds of get ideas lately. He is thinking things threw on a higher level and suddenly seems so much more mature. He is a joy to be around!!!