Thursday, June 24, 2010

Loving Summer

Gosh, I've been loving summer with the kids. Nice to have all the kids home. We got a new playset, that the kids have absolutely been loving! Regan likes the swings and slide best. Jake has taught Sydney how to "skip" on the monkey bars, and Sydney wants to show anyone that will watch. She is so proud of herself. We had a party for Jake's 7th birthday, and got an updated family picture courtesy of my sister Amy. Jake is playing TBall. He can really crack the ball, and loves to run the bases. He is not real sure if he likes the outfield, or waiting around on the sidelines...but he has fun with it :) The TBall team and families are great. Fun way to spend Friday nights.Sydney had her gymnastics show, and was very excited to show us all her new skills. Ms. Donna brought Sydney her very own flowers, which made Sydney feel so special! Thanks Donna!
Oh, and Regan is offically potty-trained! She loves being a "big girl" and thinks all of the underwear choices are great! Dora is obviously her favorite. But anything that sparkles comes in a close second.
I have lots more updates from this spring, which has been a very busy one....explaining my blogging absence. More on those things later.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010