Monday, September 29, 2008

A Serious Pain

Last Tuesday night somewhere very near our house was struck by some lightning. Long story short, the Qwest repair women said we are very lucky we didn't have more damaged. (I would say blessed :) ) Our phone was down a few days, and my computer is still out for the count. The Dell man was here Friday, and will hopefully be coming back today or tomorrow. I didn't realize all the things I use my computer for everyday; checking the weather, researching things, staying connected to the world, email, etc. I've missed my PC....I thought I'd put an update here in the meantime. Sorry, no pictures.

Hopefully my hard drive didn't get zapped. I haven't been good at backing it up lately. Right now it is not looking good for my computer. I'm on a wireless laptop right now. I can't get my high speed line to work, so hopefully my cable line didn't get zapped too. So far the motherboard is fried, probably the CPU, and we'll see what else when the Dell man returns....

Regan is standing all by herself!! We were playing in my closet this morning while I was putting some clothes away and she kept staying up! And she is VERY pleased with herself. Yah, Regan!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Praying for Cari

Cari was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 07. She finished her chemo and radiation last spring. She had a brain tumor removed last month. The cancer has now been found in her spine.

Please pray for Cari's complete healing, and for her comfort. She is having extreme headaches. Pray for her family, pray that she can get the rest she needs.

You can read more about her on blog Undomestic.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The skates have hit the ice!

And some other things!! Jake has officially started hockey! Saturday was his first practice. He was so excited, as were we. It was so cute seeing him get all his gear on.
Jake along with a bunch of other 3-6 years got on the ice. Some clearly beginners. This was Jake's 3rd time ever on skates!!! It was SOO funny for us to watch at first. On Saturday, they kinda looked like a bunch of bowling pins, barely able to stand up. By Sundays practice all the kids were doing much better, and skating. Jake was SOO excited to be playing hockey. He had an absolute blast. Dave was able to skate as a "coach" on Sunday, which Jake really liked! It was a great weekend! Sydney, Regan and I had fun watching.

For any Stillwater people that might be wondering why the Woodbury is only Termites. We fully expect that long term Jake will be skating in his hometown :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Night Terrors....

Last night Sydney had a night terror. It was pretty creepy. It lasted about 30 minutes, she also had one on Friday night. I've learned that they are mostly caused by lack of sleep or a major change in sleeping habits. Since she started going to preschool in the afternoons, she isn't getting as much sleep because she isn't napping on those 3 days. We're going to try to bring back an earlier bedtime and see if that helps.

Hopefully, her sleep schedule adjusts soon...night terrors are very freaky!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Bus has arrived

Monday was officially Jake's first day taking the bus. He was SOO thrilled, I was a little nervous. My little guy getting on a BIG bus!
He couldn't wait until the bus arrived! He was so excited. We all escorted him to the bus stop.
Off he went! He arrived safely, of course. I think some of my heart went with him on the bus yesterday morning. A sad moment for me, but so thrilling for him.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


My three sisters and I all got together on Saturday to celebrate my neice and nephew's birthdays. (Along with some Uncles and Grandparents) The kids all had a blast playing at Hyland Park Reserve at the creative play area. What a neat park! They had most amazing rope climbing wall, 3 sections tall. They've made big improvements to the park since I was a kid...granted that was a LONG time ago :) All the kids in first picture are all my and/or my sister's kiddos. My dad was quickly blessed with 7 grandchildren w/in 6 years.

Happy Birthday Jayden and Kylie!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Jacob's 1st Day of School

Jacob was so excited for his first day at Salem. I was excited and nervous for him!
I wasn't sure how getting all three kids feed, dressed and out of the house by 8:15am would go. Once we get added to the bus route, he'll ride the bus.

All the kids were ready, so it was time to take the "picture". In the busyiness of getting everything ready the night/day before, I failed to recognize that the battery was dead in not just one, but in both cameras we own. I figured this out after I had all the kids in place on the front step. My phone! Duh, so I got one of Jake, and then tried to take one of all 3 kids together. It would have turned out so cute, too bad it is only in "video"...I wish I had spent more time learning how to use the camera/video feature on my phone!

We arrived in this classroom, and he quickly remembered where is coat hook was for his backpack. Then he went right over to his desk and sat down. I think he was a little nervous, because he was the only kid actually sitting at their desk during the arrival of all the kids :) Sydney and I have him a hug, and then he said, "Mom, you can go now." I couldn't believe it! But good for him. To me that meant he felt so comfortable, and ready, he didn't need my support.

After we dropped Jacob off, Sydney asked where Jake was going to eat lunch. I reminded her he'd be eating lunch with his class at school. She got really sad, and said, "But Mom, I'll miss him today." I thought that was so sweet and real!

When we picked up Jacob from school, he didn't even say hi to me. I think he was SOOO tired from the day he was just out of it. His teacher said he had a good day. Apparently the only thing worth mentioning to me was that he just got a little impatient when he wasn't called on right away. The teacher said that is pretty tyipcal when kids learn how a classroom runs. I think it is good that he was raising his hand, and wanting to contribute answers! He really likes his teacher and said he made a new friend. He loves school!