Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Struck Down & Baby Food

Our household has remained fairly healthy this winter until last Friday. The stomach FLU has hit. We've all taken a turn with a "24 hour" type variety, minus the fever. Dave has avoided thus far, thankfully. Mine started late last night, and I'm feeling somewhat better, but not 100%. We'll forgo the moms group we meet with on Thursdays, just in case we have any lingering germs.

Oh, and on the topic of baby food....Regan wouldn't eat the sweet potatoes I made after that initial night. I think I'll get a food mill to make sure it is extra pureed. I think the texture was just a little too course. Over the past month of so I've been shopping around for the best prices on Earth's Best Organic Baby Food, this is what I've found:
SuperTarget $.64
BabiesRUs $.79
Fresh & Natural $1.09
County Market $1.27
And this is for the exact same jar of "2nd Sweet Potatoes"
I guess is pays to shop around.


Undomestic said...

What a difference in price.

Sorry to hear about the flu! YUCK! We'll be praying for you at Spa.

Kimberly said...

Oh, ISH!!! You, too!? PRAYING!!!!

Andrea said...

Have you tried the Gerber organic baby food? I liked it better than Earth's Best (smoother consistency) and cheaper too.

Hope you are all staying healthy.

angela said...

I missed you guys! Hope you all feel better soon...