Sunday, September 21, 2008

The skates have hit the ice!

And some other things!! Jake has officially started hockey! Saturday was his first practice. He was so excited, as were we. It was so cute seeing him get all his gear on.
Jake along with a bunch of other 3-6 years got on the ice. Some clearly beginners. This was Jake's 3rd time ever on skates!!! It was SOO funny for us to watch at first. On Saturday, they kinda looked like a bunch of bowling pins, barely able to stand up. By Sundays practice all the kids were doing much better, and skating. Jake was SOO excited to be playing hockey. He had an absolute blast. Dave was able to skate as a "coach" on Sunday, which Jake really liked! It was a great weekend! Sydney, Regan and I had fun watching.

For any Stillwater people that might be wondering why the Woodbury is only Termites. We fully expect that long term Jake will be skating in his hometown :)


IrishMommy said...

Go Royals, oops - I mean Ponies!

Kimberly said...

Maybe it's because I wasn't raised out here in the Midwest but I have no desire to throw Josiah out there on the ice with sharp skates all around. *lol* I know, I'm a wussy baby.