Monday, September 29, 2008

A Serious Pain

Last Tuesday night somewhere very near our house was struck by some lightning. Long story short, the Qwest repair women said we are very lucky we didn't have more damaged. (I would say blessed :) ) Our phone was down a few days, and my computer is still out for the count. The Dell man was here Friday, and will hopefully be coming back today or tomorrow. I didn't realize all the things I use my computer for everyday; checking the weather, researching things, staying connected to the world, email, etc. I've missed my PC....I thought I'd put an update here in the meantime. Sorry, no pictures.

Hopefully my hard drive didn't get zapped. I haven't been good at backing it up lately. Right now it is not looking good for my computer. I'm on a wireless laptop right now. I can't get my high speed line to work, so hopefully my cable line didn't get zapped too. So far the motherboard is fried, probably the CPU, and we'll see what else when the Dell man returns....

Regan is standing all by herself!! We were playing in my closet this morning while I was putting some clothes away and she kept staying up! And she is VERY pleased with herself. Yah, Regan!!

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Angela's Kitchen said...

Total, bummer, honey. I would be crazy without the computer. I hope you didn't lose too much!