Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Bus has arrived

Monday was officially Jake's first day taking the bus. He was SOO thrilled, I was a little nervous. My little guy getting on a BIG bus!
He couldn't wait until the bus arrived! He was so excited. We all escorted him to the bus stop.
Off he went! He arrived safely, of course. I think some of my heart went with him on the bus yesterday morning. A sad moment for me, but so thrilling for him.


Undomestic said...

He looks so grown up!!!!!!!

IrishMommy said...

Yeah Jacob! Congratulations buddy... I can imagine it's hard on mom, but he looks so ready.

Kimberly said...

Day 1, done. Good job, Mom. :)


That is so sweet. He looks so excited. I bet he is just loving school.