Thursday, September 4, 2008

Jacob's 1st Day of School

Jacob was so excited for his first day at Salem. I was excited and nervous for him!
I wasn't sure how getting all three kids feed, dressed and out of the house by 8:15am would go. Once we get added to the bus route, he'll ride the bus.

All the kids were ready, so it was time to take the "picture". In the busyiness of getting everything ready the night/day before, I failed to recognize that the battery was dead in not just one, but in both cameras we own. I figured this out after I had all the kids in place on the front step. My phone! Duh, so I got one of Jake, and then tried to take one of all 3 kids together. It would have turned out so cute, too bad it is only in "video"...I wish I had spent more time learning how to use the camera/video feature on my phone!

We arrived in this classroom, and he quickly remembered where is coat hook was for his backpack. Then he went right over to his desk and sat down. I think he was a little nervous, because he was the only kid actually sitting at their desk during the arrival of all the kids :) Sydney and I have him a hug, and then he said, "Mom, you can go now." I couldn't believe it! But good for him. To me that meant he felt so comfortable, and ready, he didn't need my support.

After we dropped Jacob off, Sydney asked where Jake was going to eat lunch. I reminded her he'd be eating lunch with his class at school. She got really sad, and said, "But Mom, I'll miss him today." I thought that was so sweet and real!

When we picked up Jacob from school, he didn't even say hi to me. I think he was SOOO tired from the day he was just out of it. His teacher said he had a good day. Apparently the only thing worth mentioning to me was that he just got a little impatient when he wasn't called on right away. The teacher said that is pretty tyipcal when kids learn how a classroom runs. I think it is good that he was raising his hand, and wanting to contribute answers! He really likes his teacher and said he made a new friend. He loves school!


Kimberly said...

BRAVO, Jacob! You're on your way! :)

Undomestic said...

He looks so grown up! So glad to hear things went well. They'll definitely be tired for a while. Hope we can get together soon.