Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Little Man

Jake has his last day at Farm School this Friday. It is a family picnic, and he is very excited to have us visit. I will be sure to post some pictures. He is all about turning 5 on Sunday! I can hardly believe it. We are celebrating with family next weekend because some close family will be out of town this weekend.

He seems to be asking more "grown-up" questions lately...a few examples; He asked me why Papa's friends are so loud? Since when does he notice how loud other people talk/laugh. Does he have any clue how loud he can be sometimes :)

OH, and here is a really good one....we're driving in the car, and he says; "When I grow up, I don't want to work." Before I could think of a wise response, he then proceeds to say, "I am going to 'hang out' with my kids all day. My 'honey' can go to work." I can't remember quite how I responded...I wanted to blurt out laughing, somehow I kept control of myself. He must think I don't work; he'd be in for quite a surprise!

Jake has now been telling me who he is going to is no longer me (sad I know), he has moved on to future potentials. It changes between Peighton and Robyn, both girls in his preschool class.

We've decided that he will not be going to Kindergarten at our neighborhood school next year. He'll go there the following year. After much thought, opinion gathering, and following our gut we are going to wait until he is 6 to officially start kindergarten. The long and the short is there are way more pros than cons than waiting a year to send him. I am still looking into a few different options. A few private kindergartens and a few High-5s programs. All of the options I am looking at still have room for next fall, so I have a little bit of time to make a final decision.

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