Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Wild Child

This is what we woke up to today.... a nice, and sick April Fools Day.
By the afternoon, it was nearly gone.

Jake has been asking me for about a week to take him to get his haircut...it had gotten a little unruly lately. Jake's hair doesn't get long it gets BIG!! I took him to this new place called Wild Child. I have heard good things; has an air hockey table, a wii, and flat screens at all the chairs...so I wanted to check it out. So we get there, and he tells the hair stylist that he wants his hair to "stand up"...I think what he really wanted was to be able to style his hair just like his daddy's. Jacob has recently made sure he "puts his gel" in his hair each morning. (from his dad's cupboard) This is the "do" that we ended up with....Jacob was VERY pleased and informed me, " Dad is going to like my new hair style." Here he is showing off... :)


Undomestic said...

Oh boy does he look like his Daddy now!

Slyde said...

wow, i usually have to physically hold my son down to get his haircut.. you're lucky!

Andrea said...

Cool haircut, Jake!

awynnej said...

Hi! I just love all of your posts on here; it's so good to hear how you and the family are doing. The cheezeball post made me laugh out loud! I see your on facebook - I try to get on there quite often and almost forgotton I made a blog on this site - I'd better get working on it!!

LoveHopeFaith said...

Wow, that looks great Jake. Great choice big-boy
Love the Medina's