Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Waterpark Adventure

On Saturday we surprised the kids with a trip to stay overnight at the Waterpark of America. They were so excited. Our room was neat, it had a cubbie area with bunk beds. Jake and Sydney loved that!! All three of them slept in this cubbie area, or should I say kind of slept....I didn't sleep well, either did Regan. But the idea of having a semi-private room for kids to sleep in quite ingenious, I wish more hotels did that.

The waterpark itself is huge! The kid area is fun, with lots to do. The chlorine is REALLY strong, my eyes were stinging by the end of the day on Sunday. But it didn't seem to bother the kids. Jake loved going down all the waterslides, he even was brave enough to go down the big tube slides with Dave. Sydney did not want to go down any waterslides, even the kiddie ones. Sydney hung out with Regan and me.

We'll go back there, but probably wait a few years until the kids are bigger.

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