Monday, May 11, 2009

Well Checks

The girls had their well check doctor visits last week ( a little late) Both girls are doing great! And are very healthy. Regan has finally caught up on the growth charts!

Here are the stats:

Sydney (4yrs3mo): Height 41", 50%. Weight 36 lbs., 50%. And she can see and hear just fine....phew! At her 3 year appt, she was 50% percentile as well...steady eddy.

Regan (22months): Height 34", 75%!!!!! Weight 25.5 lbs., 50%

Huge improvement here, at her last dr. visit, in October (15mo), Regan was only in the 25% percentile. (the appt. before that only 5% percentile) Regan normally eats as much as her big brother at most meals, so you would figure she would be catching up one of these days...geez!


IrishMommy said...

Yeah! Pink and ADORABLE...

HJ Mama said...

Precious!!! I miss them!

Kimberly said...

Those shirts are too cute!!! :)