Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Political Opinions at age 5

Jake got off the bus after school yesterday and we had an interesting conversation.
He told me voted at school. (They've been learning about the candidates and election process)
We've haven't told him anything about the election or candidates, and the news is never on when the kids are up....their shows are :)

I asked him who he voted for. This was his response, "McCain, he is the only one who tells the truth..." I thought that was pretty interesting for a 5 year old. Then he proceeded to ask me if he could come along when I voted, because he knows a lot about voting. He also told me how many kids Obama and McCain both have, and other basic facts. I was pretty impressed, and think his school is doing a great job to teach kids so young about these things.

I just went and voted, and of course brought Jake and the girls along. I did tell him who I voted for, I hope it makes a difference.

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