Thursday, October 30, 2008

What a beautiful day!

Loving this weather today, just gorgeous!

Today I gave Regan her first Oreo cookie, she was thrilled and enjoyed it :)

Little Sydney is sick. I think it is food poisoning. She woke up from her nap yesterday and lost her cookies. She was completely fine yesterday all morning, so we'll see. Sydney doesn't have a fever. I hope it passes quickly, it has now been 24 hours. Although she hasn't thrown up for a long time, she is moving quite slowly.

I am sad to be leaving her soon for the weekend. But looking forward to the warmer weather. The forecast is high 70's all weekend. I hope things go smoothly for Dave this weekend.

My friend Cari has another surgery tomorrow morning. They will be installing a chemo drip in her head. My heartaches for her and her family. They've been through so much! But she is strong and is going to beat this terrible cancer. Please pray for her and keep her in your thoughts on Friday and this weekend.

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Kimberly said...

I hope Sydney is feeling better now!!