Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's Flying

Wow, it is already the end of June. I have been terrible this month with my blog...we've just been outside enjoying the nice days.

Jake decided the day after he turned 5 that we was going to ride his bike, without the training wheels. And he has done very well. He needs a little help getting started. I was surprised by his determination, he told me he would never quit. And just take breaks when he needed to.
Turning 5 has seemed to help Jacob feel older, and behave a little better. He suddenly seems to be wanting to be helpful, a little more mellow, following directions SOO much better, and just being more cooperative overall. I am just elated. I'm not sure if it is being 5, watching his sugar intake very closely, or he just decided...whatever the cause, I LOVE it.

Sydney is enjoying riding her "trike". And continues to be very into babies. She is like a little momma to Regan, basically like my sidekick. Sydney has enjoyed being around other little ones, and is always very aware of their needs and wants to help whenever she can. Here she is below caring for her cousin Ava.

Regan is a lot of fun. Her first 3 teeth broke through this month. Luckily they didn't seem to bother her, and she lets me feel them without a problem, she actually thinks its funny. She has been labeled a "Sit-n-Spin", because she loves to sit and spin in circles to reach various things. She is not crawling yet, but really enjoys practicing walking. Here reverse-highlights always catch her attention no matter where we are, almost everyone stops to comment. Kinda funny!

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