Sunday, June 1, 2008

5 Years!!

Happy 5th Birthday Jake!
We had a jam packed day today. Went spent most of the day at Grand Old Days. (I'll post some pictures tomorrow) The kids all had a blast. The weather was just gorgeous. I managed very well with the 3 kids...I was a little nervous with all the people. The kids heeded my warning, and stayed close. Great time hanging out with good friends and all of our kids. We spent most our time at my good friend Andrea's House and watched the parade.

A trip to Target, shopping with Nana. Jacob got to pick out a birthday present from Nana. He decided on another remote control car. He already has 3. We both tried to convince him otherwise, but he definitely had his mind set on another. The remote control even won out to the pirate sword. Then we had dinner with Nana, and had a small ice cream cake. Jake will have more birthday festivities in the coming weeks. Many important people we missing today :)

I love you, Jake! It is hard to believe it has already been 5 years since you joined our family.


Undomestic said...

Happy Birthday Jake!!!!!

IrishMommy said...

Happy big "5" Buddy!

LoveHopeFaith said...

Happy Birthday Jake! Hope you had a great day, we miss you!
Isabella, Daniella and Alexa