Monday, January 14, 2008

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom

The kids were in awe. It was neat watching their expressions as they experienced Disney for the first time. The day was a lot of fun. Dave's parents were are already vacationing in Florida, and came and stayed with us for a few days. Right inside the gate, we saw Daisy (?) the duck. And Jake is sporting his "binoculars" that he pulled out many times during the trip. Even if he had on sunglasses, he insisted his binoculars helped him see better.
We went on a lot of rides. There were several rides we could all go on, and I just carried Regan along in the Ergo carrier. Peter Pan was the big hit. Space Mountain was also very cool, wow does that one go fast!! Jake even went on that, and loved it. (Dave kept a close grip on him) Here is Sydney on Cinderella's carousel.

Watched the Parade
Watched the Show at the Cinderella's CastleSydney was having a ball riding on Papa's shoulders, she was just plain silly!!We are headed out for the night!! Legs were tired. (so were the kids)

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