Saturday, January 19, 2008

I'm warming up to the thought

of a minivan. Yup, I said it. (No offensive to those that have them)
But I have never wanted to drive one. While we were in Orlando it was the only rental car option that would fit for us. And needless to say, Dave and I both really liked it. The kids can hop right in, and buckle themselves. It was just very practical. The particular model we had even had built in 5-point harness carseats, right into the seat. (That would have been nice to know before we lugged ours all the way from MN...) We don't need a new car right now, but maybe a mini will be somewhere in our future, who knows :)

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Undomestic said...

Nothing makes you feel old and uncool like a minivan...BUT they are so practical! I was just looking at a Rav4 in front of us today...that was my car before my mini...I miss it....but like I said, the minivan has been one of our best purchases.