Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Giggle Factory

Well, I took the kids to the new "Giggle Factory" that opened in Hudson. They had a blast running around, and both were red faced fairly quickly. Jacob's favorite spot was the super fast purple slide. We stayed too long, which I knew because as were leaving Sydney was flopping on the floor like a fish....she got TOO tired :)

Someone asked me the other day for a picture with all 3 kids...and I realized I hadn't even taken one yet! Now, how pathetic is that... (well, minus the one in the hospital bed the day Regan was born) After taking about 20 pictures, this was the best one I got. Trying to get everyone looking at me, with a decent expression on their faces was tough...
Went to Dr. Alenov's today, and got the all clear on the battle Regan's had going on in her tummy!!! Hooray :)

I still have reading to get done tonight for my group study in the morning...nighty nighty.


Undomestic said...

I didn't know about the place in Hudson. Will my kids like it? Thinking of going there on Monday morning, before chemo.

Shannon said...

Yes, they would like it. I would say it is a cross between Edinborough and Lookout Ridge. Do you want company Monday morning, I might be able to meet you there.