Thursday, April 23, 2009

Veggie Burgers....

Tonights Dinner: Veggie burger (no bun) cut in triangles, sweet potato fries, kiwi & bananas.

Nobody was touching the Veggie burger...big surprise. About a year ago they all loved veggie burgers, I couldn't make enough of them. Lately, not so much. It has been a while since I've made them because obviously nobody would eat them. So, this is what I said....

Me: You guys know those aren't "beef" burgers, right?
Jake: They aren't??.....oh cool.
Sydney: Really? Are they veggie burgers?
Me: Yup, there is lots of yummy stuff in them.
Jake: Like onions, tomatos...
Sydney: Yummy.
They all proceeded to eat them. Jake's were gone in less than 60 seconds, I think.
Sydney: Thanks for buying these, Mom!!

Whatever....atleast they ate them. I just don't understand how kids decide to eat or not eat something at any given moment.


Anonymous said...

Too funny! And watch tomorrow it'll only be beef burgers that they'll eat!

HJ Mama said...

that comment was from me...Pam :)

Undomestic said...

Kids are funny with food. Cameron is SO picky...mostly with texture. Max and Ella will eat anything!