Monday, December 22, 2008

WhirlWind 24

The last 24 hours have been crazy...
  • Worked out at the gym; Core Conditioning.
  • Jake gets his eye poked, off to urgent care he goes. He came home looking like a pirate and miserable.
  • Couples Group Christmas get together w/ all the kids...Fun!
  • Drop Jake at school, and explain to his teacher what happened, and that he didn't want to miss the classroom Christmas party, but that he was pretty miserable.
  • Dropped Sydney at School
  • Dave Dr. Appt
  • Return at Kohls
  • Dropped Dave at the gym so he can get a quick workout in before he is down for the count for a few days.
  • Embarassing attempt to purchase my MIL a Christmas gift, and realized I'd been driving around all day with no wallet in my purse...ggrrrr. (After my purchase was boxed, bagged and ready to go)
  • Picked up Sydney from School.
  • Picked Dave back up and dropped him at the hospital for his repeat surgery...this time it should work, right!
  • Came home, and got the girls down for their nap. I cleaned.
  • Picked up Jake early from school to take him to the Dr. to have his eye looked by his primary Dr. (Sydney & Regan are along of course)
  • Jake's right eye now has TWO visible scratches (after dye and black-light) During this process Sydney has to go potty, really really bad. Dr. waits w/ Jake and Regan while I bring her...
  • Jake'e eye should be all better w/in 72 hours!!!! Seriously. But atleast it is not infected, and will heal.
  • Visit Dave (all went well), the discharge nurse explains the important details to me while I try to keep all the kids rained in, and from peeking into other peoples rooms. (I should have taken Jan up on her offer).
  • Get the hungry kids to the car and pick up Dave at the front door.
  • Pick-up dinner. Dave's Dad meets us in Woodbury and brings Dave home so he can have some peace and quiet. The kids were a little bit on the roudy side. Dave needs quiet so he can rest.
  • Go to LTF to get my hair done, and let the kids play for awhile.
  • Came home, and got all the munchkins to bed and helped my poor Davey!!

I am beat. Going to bed!


The Andersens said...

Thanks... that just made me realize my day really isn't that crazy:) Hopefully it settles down over the next couple of days!:)

funkyhammer said...

And all in this cold weather, right!?!?

Hope your Christmas is more restful!

Undomestic said...

Okay, I'm exhausted reading all that. And to think that you did most of it with all 3 kids in tow!!!! You're amazing!


Uff da. That beats all. Wow.